July 11, 2017 Adams, ND Tornado

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On July 11, 2017 we scored 3 tornadoes out of a day that most people were not expecting much. Those are always some of the best days…

The Forecast

SPC day 1 outlook issued at 1300Z

July is usually the most active month for severe weather across the Prairie Provinces and Northern Plains. A fairly strong Low was ejecting southeast from the Prairies into North Dakota with its associated fronts depicted below.

National Weather Service surface analysis at 1929Z

The cold front would be the favoured area of initiation on this Tuesday afternoon, which stretched from the MB/ND border all the way to Wyoming. A warm front was also extending in eastern North Dakota. We targeted somewhere along the MB/ND border and waited to see on which side the storms would develop.

SPC mesoscale discussion issued at 3:48pm CDT

We were expecting the cap to break around 4pm CDT and storms to develop on the Manitoba side of the border and drift southeast into North Dakota, where they would intensify. At 3-4pm the cap was removed and cumulus started to develop.


The Chase

As soon as we saw the first storm on radar we headed south into North Dakota. Just after crossing we observed our first tornado of the day just to our west. Unfortunately, I was driving and have no pictures of it. However, the storm recycled and dropped another brief tornado near Rocklake, ND:

EF0 Rocklake, ND tornado

After observing these tornadoes we finally got data back on our phones and able to grab a screenshot of the radar:

The Rocklake storm started drifting eastward and became outflow dominant:

We then headed east towards a new developing storm closer to Grand Forks. The updraft on this storm was nuts:

The sun was close to setting and we were treated with quite the sight, a beautiful backlit elephant-trunk tornado:

EF1 tornado north of Adams, ND

We saw a total of 3 tornadoes on this day, on a 2% SPC tornado risk (those are the best).

Community Comments

Travis Farncombe Travis Farncombe   •   August 29, 2019 1:29 pm

Your last shot during rope out is unbelievable. I haven't bagged a solid ND tornado yet - definitely a bucket-list item (though I'd take this tornado any place / day / time). Awesome.

NZP Chasers NZP Chasers   •   October 26, 2019 11:15 pm

Thanks Travis! Certainly was an awesome day, North Dakota is an awesome state to chase in.

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