June 29, 2019 Papineauville, QC Storms

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Southern Quebec is no stranger to severe storms during the summer. The area from Gatineau Park along the Ottawa River and up to Montreal regularly experiences severe storms. The area around Thurso, QC up to Hawksburry, ON and Cornwall, ON is frequently visited by damaging wind storms and sometimes, tornadoes.

On June 29th, a severe storm started moving over Papineauville in Quebec and headed east towards Ontario. As it headed east-southeast, it came off the higher terrain and into a valley (the Ottawa River Valley), where winds commonly increase in speed.

Severe storm over Papineauville, QC

The storm moved over the water and granted me with some great opportunities at some amazing skies over the water:

As the storm moved east, an amazing whales mouth was observed:

Whale’s mouth over Papineauville, QC

Chasing in southern Quebec and along the Ottawa River is quite challenging because there are only a few crossings between QC and ON. it is also hard to follow the storms as they move east. You have to carefully plan your chase day. Knowing the area and possible vantage points to wait for storms is obviously very useful in this terrain. However, southern Quebec is a hidden gem when it comes to storm chasing.

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