June 4, 2016 Lake Winnipeg, MB Storm

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Ever since I began chasing in 2013, I always dreamt of catching that “random storm” or that “random tornado” that farmer Bob always seem to be getting. I would chase, spend thousands of dollars to sometimes see nothing and farmer Bob would see a tornado in his backyard, plowing his field…Not on this day farmer Bob, not on this day…

June 4, 2016 wasn’t a chase day for me and most of my friends, whom are also storm chasers. In fact, we were headed to the beach to have a campfire and watch the aurora borealis. Little did we know, when we got to the beach a pretty crazy storm developed over Lake Winnipeg and went nuts at sunset!!

Dying pulse storm somewhere east of Selkirk, MB

On our way to Patricia Beach Provincial Park, from Winnipeg, we actually encountered a nice storm. I tried digging for some archives to talk about the forecasting behind these storms, but was not able to find much. My guess is that Manitoba was behind a cold front (seen in the Midwest on June 5th) and that lake-breeze (given the southeasterly flow) probably initiated some of these storms with differential heating at the surface between the Lake and surrounding land. Regardless, once we got to the beach, we were treated with this:

Storm rolling over Lake Winnipeg at sunset and people watching

Good thing is we were prepared since we initially came there to shoot auroras, so we had our DSLR’s and tripods ready. As we set up camp to shoot the storm, there were many people about to leave the beach that just waited and watched the storm with us (before we got blasted by 80kmh winds haha). That’s one thing I love about the Prairie Provinces, the open skies. The people that live there are also fascinated by the weather. As most people left, I waited for the sun to just come down on the horizon. Then boom, snapped one of my favourite pictures to date:

Perfect shot of sunset and storm over Lake Winnipeg

Funny story, this picture actually made it to the cover of a university textbook. I actually didn’t know this until I went into one of my prof’s office at the University of Manitoba several years later and saw my picture on the cover. I said “omg that’s my picture!!”. My prof actually laughed out loud in front of other students “sure”. I told her, “no really, check on the back of the cover”. She did and saw my name as the credited photographer xD. That was a magical moment haha.

University textbook available on Amazon // Oxford University Press

Above is the textbook in question. Weather and Climate is basically an introductory-level course at most universities that teach atmospheric science courses. As it turned out, some of my geography prof’s were proofreading it for the author. Not sure if it is currently a required university textbook but still pretty cool!! It’s actually a pretty amazing textbook. This helped me throughout my undergrad in meteorology. It has most equations you will need for Thermodynamics, Synoptics and Mesoscale meteorology classes (just saying). If you want to get the book just go on Amazon HERE.

Aurora borealis over Lake Winnipeg (seen better!)

Glad we got the storm because the auroras sucked xD

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