Port Albert, ON Chase September 1st

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Surface map for September 1, 2020 at 21Z

September 1st was not a big risk day by any means, but when are they those days in Ontario anyways? A general rule for me is when I see a cold front going over Lake Huron, I go for it, those are usually the structures of the year. A warm front was ejecting northeast, bringing with it a large cloud deck (see below).

I settled in at a beach in Port Albert and shot timelapse:

This chase turned out to be one of the best ones of the season for me. This is usually what happens in Ontario, you sit at the beach and wait to see what happens. In some sense, you never bust when chasing southwestern Ontario.

As the storms started crossing Lake Huron, it was apparent that we were in for some great structure:

A massive shelf cloud made an appearance. As I was stopping my camera from timelpase to setup my lightning trigger, I observed a waterspout:

Hard to see and it is still under investigation, but visually it was clear as day. After setting up my camera to shoot lightning, I only caught one lightning bolt sadly:

But I think it turned out OK 😉 After this I followed the storm inland, where I observed numerous funnel clouds/wall clouds and possible touchdowns:

Originally, I thought most of what I was seeing was scud, but these inflow-feature were rotating and they were in the right region of rotation on radar. These were clearly funnel clouds:

Large funnel
Large funnel near Lucknow, ON

This storm never became tornado-warned, even after about 1hr of me reporting funnel clouds and wall clouds. This really surprised me. In the end, it may have been the right call as no tornadoes really developed (still under investigation), but this storm had insane motion:

After this madness, the storm was still very electric, but became a big “blob” of rain. It was hard to put the tripod out and shoot lightning. I decided to go through the storms and see if I can find any hail:

Just found some rain and fading lightning haha:

So I started the trip back home. I was very happy with this chase. This is why we chase every severe thunderstorm setup. Oftentimes, the least “probable” setups produce the most spectacular storms.

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