Storm Damage Flyover: Blackstock Ontario

STORM DAMAGE FLYOVER FOLLOWING POSSIBLE DOWNBURST OR TORNADO EAST OF BLACKSTOCK, ONTARIO, JULY 2, 2018. During the early afternoon on July 2, a line of severe thunderstorms formed over Durham and Victoria counties. The southernmost cell produced severe damage at a farm near Blackstock. The next day we captured areal images of the impacted area and these were passed along to Environment Canada, as well as damage waypoints.
  • first sign of damage was to a tree grove in a field south of Redacted Rd A: a few trees / limbs snapped and fallen to the S or SE
  • ~450m to the ENE of there, two barns totally demolished (no apparent damage to trees, house or outbuildings less than 10m to their N)
  • field of building debris spread ~300m to the E
  • ~300m to the ENE of the barn sites, damage at neighbouring property; a few trees / limbs snapped and fallen to the SSW or S
  • ~ 550m to the ESE of there, a tree snapped to the S
  • ~650m to the S of there, a few additional trees snapped with fall to the SE on the north side of Redacted Rd B, and to the E on the south side of Redacted Rd B
Environment Canada is assessing this damage to determine the cause. The path is roughly 1km in length, paralleling Redacted Rd A to the S, ending somewhere near Redacted Rd C. There is also a small area of tree damage further south around Redacted Rd B.

If Environment Canada investigators or researchers with UWO and the Northern Tornadoes Project confirm this as a tornado, it will be added to the INTERACTIVE MAP OF TORNADOES IN ONTARIO, 2018