Bourget, ON F0 Tornado of May 29, 2012

Prescott and Russell

Tracking for 3 km and with a width of about 50 metres, this F0 tornado touched down briefly near Bourget, about 40 km to the east of Ottawa. Trees were uprooted and minor damage to homes was caused by the twister which struck shortly after 4:00pm.

Figure 1. Surface analysis at 21Z on May 29, 2012 showing mean sea-level pressure (MSLP) contours, surface observations, fronts and pressure centres (WPC, 2017)

Figure 1 depicts the surface observations at 5:00 pm EDT, which shows a cold front moving through southern Ontario. This front was the focus for thunderstorms across southeastern Ontario in the afternoon hours of May 29th, which ultimately led to this tornado.


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