Coboconk, ON (DONE)

F1 cone tornado hits north side of village, destroys forest & damages cottages

This damaging F1 tornado touched down just to the west of Coboconk and tracked across the north end of the village, at the south end of Silver Lake. It struck at about 2:30 pm and had a path that was 3.3 kilometres long, dissipating just before it reached Four Mile Lake.

Extensive damage occurred along Shadow Lake Road 53, where an entire swath of forest was decimated; almost all trees in this area were twisted, snapped and in some cases, thrown. A car passing through the area, a Mercedes Benz with two occupants inside, was reportedly picked up and ‘slammed into the ground’. Although the car suffered extensive damage, neither the driver nor the passenger suffered injuries.

Next the the tornado tracked across the south end of Silver Lake, where cottagers captured photos and videos. Its parent storm exhibited the appearance of a classic tornadic supercell, with a sculpted horseshoe updraft base, clear slot, and large bowled wall cloud with a cone tornado. As it crossed the lake, small vortices of spray spun violently up from the surface of the water and the tornado appeared ghostly white, front-lit by the afternoon sun.

On the shores of the lake the tornado destroyed more areas of forest and also struck a number of cottages; windows were shattered and roofing torn off, and many were many were struck by falling trees.