SE Of Harrow, ON (DONE)

Third tornado near Harrow is the strongest, F2 shreds trees & devastates farms

This tornado was the third and strongest of the June 5-6 event. It was only on the ground for 740m with a path that was 190m wide, but caused devastating damage to a farm as it blasted across Ridge Road, southeast of Harrow. There, the tornado shifted a farmhouse off of its foundation and left it with shattered windows, a toppled chimney, as well as shingle and siding damage. It tore apart a large well-built barn, collapsed a garage and tossed farm equipment and an outhouse for hundreds of metres through the fields. The tornado left almost all of the trees on the property uprooted, snapped or shorn off at their tops.

The most spectacular display of damage was to two large greenhouses on the property, the metal structures of which were left twisted and skeletal, their exploded glass spread far through neighbouring farm properties. Along the path, insulation and debris from destroyed buildings was left tangled in fences and caught in the broken limbs of damaged trees, boards were driven deep into the ground and metal wrapped around the trunks of snapped trees.

The other tornadoes that occurred during the event included an F0 southwest of Harrow, another F1 south of Harrow, and a very damaging F1 tornado that struck Leamington.