The Black Donald Lake – Calabogie – White Lake Tornado

Tornado tracks from Black Donald lake to White Lake, strikes homes at Calabogie

This long-track tornado touched down just north of Black Donald Lake and began its destructive track to the east-north-east. It tore through bush and forest, snapping and uprooting entire swaths of trees. It’s path was up to 260 metres wide. It passed just north of Calabogie Peaks Resort and then struck the town of Calabogie on the north side of the town’s namesake lake. Homes and garages had windows smashed and roofs torn off. Trees were downed throughout the community and several crashed down onto buildings and vehicles. Moving on, it tore through more forest as it crossed Stones Lake on its way to White Lake. At White Lake, several cabins and cottages were crushed by falling trees and two campers there were injured. After travelling for 37.1 kilometres, the tornado dissipated to the east of the lake.