The damaging tornado near London, ON (DONE)

Early morning tornado flattens barn, damages farms on south side of London

This tornado occurred between 3:30 and 4:00am on the morning of August 25, and touched down in southwest London.

Cornell’s Fruit Farm on Southdale Rd West was first struck as the torando whipped a narrow path about 15m wide through an apple orchard.

About 2.5km to the south, at Lot 73 on North Talbot Road in Lambeth, a cornfield also had a swath of flattened stalks. This was likely caused by either a separate unconfirmed tornado or downdraft.

14km east of Cornell’s farm, a roaring sound was heard as the tornado struck at a farm in the hamlet of Bradley. Here, a large pine tree was snapped, and evidence of converging wind was found.

It was also reported that east of London, a barn was flattened, a corn crib was blown into a field, and hydro poles were broken.

It has not been confirmed as to where exactly the tornado lifted off, but it was likely in the Nilestown area.