The Minto Tornado (DONE)

Slender, black tornado wrecks outbuilding, witnessed by locals, barns destroyed

Having only a 10-15m wide and 1.5km long path, this short-lived tornado only caused damage to a couple farms 7.5km north of Sterling, in Hastings County. In the small farming community of Minto, two barns, one garage, and a wellhead building were destroyed. A nearby farmhouse was also damaged as the tornado whipped by. Owners of the property who witnessed the tornado said it appeared to be two funnel clouds which came together to form one. They also noted that the wellhead building exploded as the tornado struck.

Damage surveys revealed two paths of damage which indeed came together at the damaged farm to form one complete track. This tornado would be the fourth and final one to be produced by the “Alma supercell”.