The tornado at Dalrymple Lake

Tornado rips roof off cottage, destroys trees along Dalrymple Lake

On the afternoon of Sunday, August 10 a line of thunderstorms was tracking across southern Ontario. Cottagers along the east side of Dalrymple Lake watched as the dark skies approached from the southwest. At about 4:30 the crossed the lake and residents noticed a peculiar column-shaped look to the approaching shafts of wind-whipped rain over the lake. What they were seeing was the storm producing a tornadic waterspout. As it encompassed cottages at Fox Beach, the tornado and threw a small dock. 400m to the northeast, it ripped the roof off a cottage and smashed windows out of another. Other cottages received damage to siding and TV aerials. As well, the tornado left a 50m wide swath of flattened bush in a swampy area nearby. The tornado lifted off about 1km from the lake near Lake Dalrymple Road.