The Walpole Island, ON F2 Tornado of May 2, 1983

Sarnia - Lambton

This long-tracking tornado began in Eastpointe, Michigan and continued over 37 km to Harsens Island where it crossed over into Ontario. It first appeared as a huge waterspout cutting across the St. Clair River onto the Canadian side.

Upon reaching the western side of Walpole Island, it damaged 15 buildings to various degrees with total damage costs estimated at $1M. After tracking 3-4km across the island, the tornado continued to the northeast for about 10km. East of Port Lambton it destroyed a barn and tore the roof off a garage before lifting off in that area.

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada (2018), an F2 tornado developed near Walpole Island, ON at 1:00 pm EDT and travelled for 15 km east-northeast. The tornado caused no fatality but injured one person and caused $1 million dollars in property damage.


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