Highways & Hailstones Live Chase Mobile App

We’re thrilled to announce the Highways & Hailstones mobile app, an innovative way for chasers to share their live chase and automatically record a Chase Log.

Follow these simple steps to get the most out of Highways & Hailstones mobile:

  1. Chaser Account & Profile
  2. Download Highways & Hailstones mobile for free. Available for iOS & Android
  3. Open Highways & Hailstones mobile
  4. Log into Highways & Hailstones mobile using your H&H Chaser Account email & password
  5. IMPORTANT: Update your Location settings for Highways & Hailstones mobile
    • To make sure that your chase is shared on the H&H Live Map and recorded for your Chase Log, Highways & Hailstones mobile needs Location access even when it’s in the background
    • iOS
      • Tap Settings, then tap Highways & Hailstones, then tap Location and select Always
    • Android
      • Tap Settings, then tap Location, then tap Highways & Hailstones, tap Permissions, tap Location and select Allow all the time
  6. Open Highways & Hailstones mobile
  7. Tap Start Chase
    • Verify by visiting the H&H Live Map to see your Chaser icon
    • If running a test, tap the Chasing button to end your chase

Questions? Please contact us.