Chase Logs

The storm chase logs of this tornado led by our experts

National Centers for Environmental Information reports:

The tornado touched down near US 165 and Bowie Drive, blowing down|several trees, damaging a gas station awning, and blowing the doors in and the|side of a large storage building. It crossed to the west side of US 165 where it|hit residential areas including Cherokee Village and Plantation Acres where|many trees were downed, some landing on homes, garages, and vehicles. Some|buildings had minor roof damage such as shingles or soffit pulled off. The|tornado continued into a business district along Jackson Street west of US 165|where it lifted parts of flat roofs off of businesses. Some of the flying|debris broke windows of vehicles and businesses in the area, as well as|large billboard and other signage. The tornado continued north, crossing|the intersection of LA 28 and US Hwy 165, and dissipated before it reached|I-49. This tornado was seen and filmed by many people in the area. The maximum wind speed was 105 MPH.