Kapuskasing, ON (DONE)

Pilot finds swath of tree damage northeast of Kapuskasing, EF1 tornado confirmed

This EF1 tornado sliced through forest northeast of Kapuskasing, leaving a long swath of tree damage. In late August, a pilot flying over the area came across a damage path which was previously unknown to officials at Environment Canada. In a somewhat unusual occurrence, investigators had a clear tornado damage path but no known storm event that was associated with it!


By examining archived radar data from previous storm days in the region over the course of the summer, they were able to deduce that the tornado occurred in association with a supercell that passed through the area on August 19. It was rated EF1 based on the long and extensive path of tree damage.

This was one of two damaging tornadoes that touched down in the forest of Northern Ontario near Kapuskasing on August 19. The other: