Kirk Cove, ON (DONE)

Tornado touches down on south side of Big Gull Lake, damages trees at Kirk Cove

Dozens of trees, mostly pines and hemlocks, were knocked down by this tornado that struck the south side of Big Gull lake, just to the east of Cloyne, Ontario. It touched down at 7:40pm, impacting a resort area at Kirk Cove, with a path that was 1.2 kilometres long and 100 metres wide.

This was one of seventeen tornadoes that touched down in Southern and Eastern Ontario during the evening hours of August 2, 2006. Until it was surpassed in 2009, the tornado outbreak set a record as the largest tornado outbreak ever recorded in Ontario. Other tornadoes included an F0 near Jackson’s Cove, an F1 at West Guilford, an F0 near Uffington, an F1 at Marsden Lake, an F0 at Myers Cave, an F1 at Drag Lake, an F0 at Head Lake, an F1 at Minden Hills, an F1 at Big Mink Lake, an F1 at Anstruther Lake, an F0 at Catchacoma, the F2 that devastated Combermere, an F0 near Clayton, an F2 near Bancroft, an F1 at Ferguson Corners, and an F0 at Morriston.