Arnstein, ON (DONE)

F1 tornado moves ashore off Seagull Lake, causes path of forest, property damage

The F1 tornado at Arnstein, Ontario. Witnesses observed this tornado form as a waterspout over Seagull Lake on the south side of Arnstein, then watched as it moved onto shore at approximately 5:30pm. Its path over land was short, only 1.3km in length, but damage to forest was extensive. It touched down and tracked along Seagull Lake Road, leaving a trail of downed trees and snapped hydro poles, as well as a shed that was shifted off of its foundation and minor damage to a house. The tornado then moved off into the forest, carving a path along which whole tracts of trees uprooted, snapped and sheared off at the tops.

This was one of nineteen tornadoes that struck Southern and Central Ontario on August 20. The others: