Maple, ON

Hundreds of homes damaged & destroyed as second F2 tornado tears through Vaughan

The F2 tornado in the Maple neighbourhood of Vaughan, Ontario. This second tornado in Vaughan struck at 6:30pm in the Maple neighbourhood in the northeast corner of the city, narrowly missing Canada’s Wonderland, a popular and packed amusement park. Its path was 2.7km long and 100m wide, tearing through blocks of housing.

Hundreds of homes were damaged, dozens significantly. Houses had their roofs and garages torn away, windows were smashed and trees and power poles snapped and uprooted. Dozens of witnesses captured photos and videos of the tornado, a narrow cone that was fully condensed to the ground and laden with debris.

This was oneĀ of nineteen tornadoes that struck Southern and Central Ontario on August 20. The others: