Newmarket, ON (DONE)

Large cone tornado hits Royal Riding Academy, rips apart buildings & property

The F1 tornado at Newmarket, Ontario. This tornado formed just to the east of Newmarket at 5:50pm and had a path that was 2.5km long. Witnesses captured video of it, a slender elephant trunk with a plume of debris at its base, as it tore through a rural area just outside of town.

The Royal Canadian Riding Academy sustained considerable damage with the roofs partially torn from barns and stables, trailers tossed, fences knocked down and debris strewn across the property. Fortunately there were no injuries to people or horses at the Academy, although two riders were particularly fortunate to have escaped unharmed when they sought shelter in horse trailers which were tossed.

This was oneĀ of nineteen tornadoes that struck Southern and Central Ontario on August 20. The others: