Redstone Lake, ON (DONE)

Cottages extensively damaged & one person injured as tornado crosses Redstone

The F0 tornado at Redstone Lake, Ontario. This tornado touched down at 8:00pm and travelled for 1.5km across Redstone Lake. Trees were knocked down onto cottages and vehicles, and a few cottages received significant structural damage. One woman was injured when she was cut by flying glass.

The F0 rating of this tornado by Environment Canada is questionable given the extent of the damage around the lake. Tree damage alone appears to have easily been at the level of F1, with dozens of large and healthy trees snapped and shorn off at their tops. In addition, one well-built cottage had almost all of its roof torn off. Indeed, an F1 rating may have been more appropriate for this tornado.

This was one of nineteen tornadoes that struck Southern and Central Ontario on August 20. Other tornadoes this day: