Newtonville, ON (DONE)

'Dust-filled funnel' destroys barns & garages, damages house & 'sucks up' truck

This tornado touched down just north of Newtonville, near the intersection of Concession 4 and Gilmore Road, and had a path that was 3km long and 70m wide. Along its track, barns and sheds were levelled, and trees were snapped and stripped of their leaves. On one property that was most extensively damaged, the house was partially unroofed and a neighboring barn was levelled. A truck was reportedly ‘sucked up’ and a garage was swept away, although the boat that had been inside of it was left sitting untouched.

Early estimates placed damage at more than $500,000. The tornado, described by witnesses as a dust-filled funnel going hundreds of feet into the air, struck at 5:20pm. This was one of three tornadoes that touched down in Southern Ontario on August 28; the others were a devastating F3 that hit Frome and Port Stanley, and an F2 at Komoka.