Clear Creek, ON (DONE)

F1 cone tornado comes off Lake Erie, damages properties as residents snap photos

tornado at Clear Creek Ontario August 4 1999
After several minutes on the ground, the tornado tapered and became an elephant trunk. Photo by Brian Michiel

This tornado developed as a waterspout over Lake Erie at 11:30am, then moved ashore and travelled for 5km with a path that was 100m wide. Witnesses captured photographs of the twister, a highly photogenic cone tornado that was classic in appearance and fully condensed to the ground.

A house was shifted slightly off of its foundation and had windows shattered, as well as shingles and siding torn off. A shed was destroyed, farm equipment scattered, crops were levelled and trees snapped and uprooted.

This was one of three tornadoes that touched down in Southern Ontario on August 4; the others were an F1 on Hamilton Mountain, and an F2 that struck Flamborough and Burlington.