Carnarvon, ON (DONE)

Large cone tornado hits Carnarvon, leaves EF1 tree, home and vehicle damage

This tornado formed over Boshkung Lake and then stuck the shoreline town of Carnarvon, leaving extensive EF1 damage. It touched down on the lake and spent most of its life over the water, but then moved ashore and travelled for 2.25km over land before dissipating.

At Carnarvon, trees were snapped and uprooted which damaged cottages and vehicles. In addition, lawn furniture was tossed and debris pierced the sides of buildings. Had the tornado travelled over land during its mature stage, it is likely it was capable of inflicting greater damage which may have earned it a higher rating.

Eye witnesses caught the tornado in photos and on video, which was a wide and churning cone. It was one of five tornadoes that touched down on August 7, 2013. The others: