Head Lake, ON (DONE)

EF0 elephant trunk tornado hits Head Lake, leaves stunned cottagers, no damage

This EF0 tornado was spawned over Head Lake and was caught on camera by stunned cottagers as it touched down for several minutes. It formed beneath a broad and ragged wall cloud, first appearing as a circular spray of water beneath a slender cone; it then condensed downward to form a narrow elephant trunk. The tornado likely dissipated just as it reached the shoreline.

Several cottagers videotaped the event, with one video showing what may be a second rope tornado touching down alongside the first, but somewhat obscured by trees in the foreground. In another eyewitness video, a couple can be heard discussing two tornadoes over the lake and, indeed, their footage does seem to show two distinct circulations over the water; the second of which is more formidable and appears to reach the shore. Regardless, Environment Canada confirmed only one tornado at Head Lake and so this is officially documented as a single tornado.

This was one of five tornadoes that touched down on August 7, 2013. The others: