The Tornado near Charlton, ON

Multiple vortex / stovepipe tornado rips through 9km of forest north of Charlton

This powerful Northern Ontario tornado touched down north of Charlton and then tracked for 9km to the east toward Englehart. It paralleled Savard Robillard Township Rd / Stoney Lonesome Rd to the south as ripped through farm fields and forest. Damage to trees was significant in a narrow, 50 metre-wide swath, and at one property a large wooden sheep shelter was picked up and moved several metres across the yard. A neighbour caught the tornado on video as it narrowly skirted their homes. Several of her video clips captured the tornado as a large, bowl-shaped multiple vortex, and one of them shows it as a debris-laden stovepipe. It dissipated west of McPherson Rd just before reaching the north side of Englehart. Researchers with the Northern Tornadoes Project are continuing to analyze the event following both ground and aerial damage surveys and have rated the tornado at EF1.