Tornado near Guthrie & Oro Station, ON

Tornado misses Barrie to the north, minor damage between Guthrie & Oro Station

This tornado developed at around 8:05pm as a cluster of supercell thunderstorms tracked from Simcoe County into the Kawarthas. It spun up around 5th Line South and Highway 11, near Guthrie Public School, then tracked east-southeastward to Oro Station. Environment Canada and Instant Weather ON did impressive jobs issuing and communicating warnings in advance of the tornado, and storm chasers Mark Robinson and Dave Sills did an excellent job documenting the event. Robinson streamed video in real-time with information and footage as the event unfolded. Area residents also captured the tornado in photos and videos, a classic cone that was fully condensed to the ground. The tornado travelled for around 5 kilometres and had a path that was up to 200 metres wide. It uprooted and snapped trees, bent a 20-metre tall communication tower in half, knocked over fences and damaged small outbuildings. The tornado earned a preliminary rating of high-end EF0.