SE Of Mildmay, ON (DONE)

This tornado, strongest of three near Mildmay, filmed by spotters damaging farm

The secondĀ of three tornadoes to strike near the town of Mildmay, this one touched down at 7:00 pm and, for a period, was on the ground simultaneously with a second tornado. Its path was 300 metres long and 40 metres wide, destroying a drive shed and moving a heavy combine several metres. Debris from the shed was thrown up to 1.5 kilometres away.

The tornado was reported by Canwarn spotters Dave Patrick and Ron Gravelle, as well as localĀ residents who captured photos and videos of the event. The tornado was a stovepipe tornado condensed fully to the ground.

This was one of five tornadoes that touched down in Southern Ontario on July 8; the others were an F0 near Pinkerton, an F0 near Mildmay, another F0 near Mildmay, and an F0 near Listowel.