New Tecumseth, ON (DONE)

Trees, homes and barns extensively damaged as EF1 tornado strikes New Tecumseth

This tornado touched down east of Tottenham, then travelled to the northeast for 10km through New Tecumseth. The touchdown occurred shortly after 4:00pm and high-end EF1 damage occurred at rural properties along its path; at places damage approached EF2 intensity.

It was caught on video by a couple driving through the area, ripping up trees as it crossed the road in front of them. Their video shows a narrow but fast moving cone tornado, fully condensed to the ground but was heavily wrapped in rain.

Extensive damage was done to a house early on in its track. The home had windows shattered and its walls pierced by flying debris. In addition, shingles and roofing were ripped off and its attached garage destroyed, collapsing in on itself.

Continuing on, the tornado caused serious damage as it tore through rural properties near New Tecumseth. Barns were damaged, a large riding arena was torn apart, trees were snapped and uprooted and debris scattered. Two horses were killed in one of the destroyed barns.








This was one of two tornadoes to touch down on June 24, 2014. The other: