The Destructive Dunrobin – Gatineau Tornado

EF3 tornado rips Ottawa Gatineau. Injuries & destruction as Dunrobin devastated

This was the most significant tornado to hit Ontario since the Goderich tornado of 2011 and one of the most powerful since the 1985 EF4s at Barrie and Grand Valley. The tornado touched down at around 4:40pm near White Lake where it ripped through forest. Trees smashed down onto cabins and camp grounds, and two campers there were injured. It then passed near the community of Kinburn, where farms and homes suffered significant damage. Residents capture photos and videos of the tornado as it passed by the town, a large cone with a debris plume swirling at its base.

From there the tornado grew in size as it intensified. It took aim at the village of Dunrobin and plowed directly into the community. The damage was catastrophic. The tornado shredded trees, picked up and hurled vehicles, and blew apart dozens of houses. A few were levelled to the ground, their debris swept away leaving only bare foundations. In addition, the tornado damaged the beloved Heart and Soul Cafe and blew apart its neighbouring gift shop. It blasted through the Dunrobin Plaza, exploding widows and tearing apart the roof. Media reports indicated that dozens of people suffered minor injuries, and up to six people were left in critical condition. The tornado dissipated at around 5:20pm after being on the ground for around forty minutes.

Departing the ravaged village, the tornado crossed the Ottawa River and passed into Quebec. It tracked north of Aylmer and then into the western Mont-Bleu neighbourhood of Gatineau. It tore the roofs and upper stories off of dozens of buildings and apartment complexes, hurled debris and flipped cars. Residents of Ottawa captured videos of the tornado from the south side of the river as a plume of debris exploded transformers as it cut into Gatineau.