Tecumseth, ON (DONE)

Large tornado touches down near Tecumseth, house damaged & horse barn destroyed

This probable tornado cut a path that was 3km long and 400m wide, downing trees and tossing large objects. It tracked from County Road 17 to Lesperance Road, east of the Windsor airport.

Damage was considerable along County Road 42. At Danilo’s restaurant, a heavy air conditioning unit was ripped off of the roof and flung to the ground. At nearby house owned by the DiCarlo family, the windows burst into the room in which the family was sheltering, however they managed to emerge unscathed. Theirs and a neighbouring house had shingles and siding torn off, and a garage on the property was torn apart with its debris scattered. Further down the road, another house had a large section of roof torn off entirely.

At a farm on 11th Concession Road owned by the Lavin family, a horse barn was destroyed with all but a few walls left standing. Fortunately, fifteen horses inside the building survived. Other farms along the path had roofs torn, antennas bent and debris tossed into fields.