Coniston, ON (DONE)

EF0 tornado touches down in Coniston, trees snapped, shingles ripped from roofs

Occurring at 2:30 pm and filmed by area residents, this EF0 tornado caused minor damage as it moved through a residential area of Consiton near Sudbury. Videos captured a funnel cloud develop and descend to the ground as a thin elephant trunk.

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 1.48.49 PM
In this still shot from a video credited to Stewart Hoskins on YouTube, the tornado is seen becoming a slender elephant trunk as it touched down along Walter Street in Coniston. (Stewart Hoskins/The Weather Network)

As the tornado moved along Walter Street, a debris cloud swirling with light debris was accompanied by a slender slender funnel that condensed and dissipated repeatedly. At properties along the street, trees were snapped, shingles were torn off of houses and lawn furniture was tossed, including a trampoline that was thrown for several dozen metres.