Storms Corners, ON (DONE)

F2 tornado hits Storms Corners, barns and outbuildings, house trailer destroyed

This F2 tornado struck just to the southwest of Storms Corners, snapping trees and destroying barns, outbuildings and a house trailer. It was a relatively rare morning tornado that touched down at 10:00am. It travelled for 6km near the village, which is about 10km east of Napanee. It was up to 150m wide and produced extensive tree damage, with some branches thrown and sent piercing the ground.

Early in its path a barn was struck and its debris carried for more than 4km, and an old farm house had much of its roof torn off.

At one property that sustained extensive damage, a new and well-anchored shed was levelled to its foundation, but luckily a man inside took shelter under a workbench and emerged unharmed. Heavy farm machinery was thrown over 100m and a house trailer was tossed 30m and destroyed, earning the tornado its low-end F2 rating.

A local resident reportedly observed the tornado which he described as being a large and brown, swirling mass of debris.