The Corbetton-Ruskview Tornado (DONE)

Strong F3 tornado tears through Dufferin County, wreaks havoc to farms

Only a couple minutes after the Grand Valley-Tottenham tornado had touched down, this strong tornado had established itself on the west side of Highway 10, 1km north of the hamlet of Corbetton, about 12km NW of Shelburne. This was the result of the same robust cyclic supercell which had minutes before produced the Hopeville tornado. Almost immediately, this new tornado crossed Highway 10 and proceeded ENE over the sparely populated countryside. For the next 10km, the tornado intensified significantly, destroying 15 barns and extensively damaging about 10 houses south of Redickville. As it crossed Highway 24 one brick farmhouse in this area took a direct hit from the tornado and had its roof and second story mostly removed, along with some of the first story. As well, a large farming operation was almost completely destroyed. Cars, trucks and heavy farming equipment were tossed up to 60m.

This tornado continued NE for another 9km toward Ruskview where the supercell cycled again. Roping out, the tornado turned in towards the north as it crossed Sideroad 25 along the escarpment. After the storm passed, debris including signage from the Highway 24 area was found 20km to the NE in the village of Glencairn. Miraculously though, no injuries or fatalities were reported from this fierce tornado.