The Damaging Tornado at Arlington Woods, Ottawa

EF2 tornado rips Ottawa suburb of Arlington Woods, tears apart trees & homes

Shortly after the first EF3 tornado that ripped Kinburn, Dunrobin and Gatineau dissipated, this second tornado struck at around 6:00pm. It touched down near the Veterans Memorial Highway and then decimated forest as it approached the heavily-populated Arlington Woods neighbourhood of residential Ottawa. It ripped through blocks of homes and caused extensive damage through the heavily-treed streets. Tall pines were sheared off and hurled through houses and vehicles. Houses were pockmarked by debris as windows shattered and roofs were ripped up. Several homes had their entire roofs and second stories blown away. Parkland Crescent was particularly hard hit. The tornado tore the roof off of the Arlington Woods Methodist Church on McLellan Rd, then overturned vehicles and snapped power lines as it roared across Greenbank Rd. From there it ripped into the neighbouring Craig Henry subdivision where it weakened somewhat but still caused devastating tree damage.