The Hopeness – Rush Cove Tornado (DONE)

Destructive F2 tornado strikes Bruce Peninsula

This tornado was the first of 14 tornadoes to touch down on the afternoon of May 31, 1985; a small, but unforgotten part of one of the most significant tornado outbreaks to ever affect Ontario. Described as ┬ábeing white in colour, the tornado touched down around 3:00pm in the rural farming community of Hopeness. It’s destruction began as a narrow path of broken and uprooted trees for the first few hundred metres. The tornado then crossed Rush Cove Road where it completely destroyed a barn and three outbuildings, damaged a house, and tossed a sailboat 70m. It then continued just over 2km NE to Rush Cove on Georgian Bay. Debris from the damaged farm property and extensive tree damage was found along final half of the damage path.