The Kettleby Tornado (DONE)

Skipping tornado tracks 20km through York region, damages barns, wrecks property

This tornado was the fourth to occur on May 2 and it began around the hamlet of Kelly, northeast of Nobleton. Tree damage took place there, and branches littered the area after the storm had passed.

Strengthening in the Happy Valley area to the northeast, the tornado was witnessed by at least one man who claimed to see it come towards his home, appearing as a low, dark cloud with several vortices protruding. With a freight-train like roar, it uprooted several trees to the northeast and caused non-structural damage to many properties throughout the community.

To the northeast of Happy Valley, the tornado crossed Highway 400 and strengthened somewhat. Near Jane Street, a barn on a ginseng farm had its upper portion removed, and another barn in the vicinity was completely wrecked. Many trees were also toppled.

Several other properties were damaged as the tornado continued northeast of Kettleby. A garage was destroyed near Dufferin Street and a silo was allegedly damaged as well. Trees were uprooted in the Newmarket area, with much damaging property and infrastructure before the tornado lifted off for good in the town.