The Ruskview-Lisle Tornado (DONE)

F2 Tornado leaves behind destroys barns, swath of decimated forest

As the Corbetton-Ruskview tornado was roping out, it’s respective supercell cycled up again producing another tornado just east and south of where the latter ended. This new tornado tracked almost due east for 7km through a heavily wooded area. Here, it cut a swath of immense tree damage as it approached the Dufferin-Simcoe County line. Once in Simcoe County, the tornado turned slightly to the NE, uprooting more trees through the sparsely populated hamlet of Airlie. The tornado was headed straight for CFB Borden, but first passed just south of a town of Lisle, where it destroyed 2 barns and damaged a house. Luckily, the tornado lifted off as it entered the grounds of CFB Borden, where little to no damage was found.