The Streetsville Tornado (DONE)

Tornado rips through Mississauga suburb damaging houses

Only about a month after the May 31, 1985 tornado outbreak, this tornado touched down in the early afternoon of July 6.

A result of widespread thunderstorm activity across the region, the tornado began on the south side of Highway 401 north of Argentia Road. A storm spotter reported seeing vivid lightning and a very dark cloud in the area as the tornado damaged trees, fences, and then ripped part of the roof off the Michele Lynn Cosmetics factory on Kitimat Road.

From there it headed east into the subdivision of Meadowvale South, appearing as a dark and rapidly rotating funnel filled with debris. Many residents here witnessed the tornado and were panic-stricken and rushed to safety as memories of the May 31st outbreak were fresh in their minds.

This tornado was weak though. Townhouses in this area sustained only minor damage and the only other destruction was to trees in the community.

The tornado gradually lifted off east of Creditview Road near the Credit River, leaving a 1.4km stretch of defaced property behind.