The Tornado near Matachewan, ON

Tornado decimates forest near Matachewan, one of four to rip through region

This tornado was discovered by researchers with the Northern Tornadoes Project, along with three other previously-unknown tornadoes that occurred on June 17. It was the first of the four tornadoes to rip through the region southeast of Timmins. It formed south of Matachewan on the east side of Highway 65, then ripped to the east-southeast for 10.7 kilometres. The tornado narrowly missed the Golden Eagle Camp to its south as it quickly reached maximum width and intensity while approaching the Montreal River. It downed nearly every tree in its path and decimated forest. The tornado dissipated shortly after crossing the river. Based on satellite review of the forest damage, researchers with the Northern Tornado Project were able to determine that the tornado was an EF2 with maximum sustained winds of up to 190 km/h.