Timmins, ON (UNSURE)

Tornado touches down at Victor M. Power Airport, causes damage in nearby forest

This weak tornado was spawned by a supercell thunderstorm that moved through the Timmins area at around 8:10pm. The tornado spun up in a forested area northwest of Victor M. Power Airport, then tracked southeastward across the runways. Anemometers at the airport measured wind gusts in excess of 100km/h but fortunately no buildings or planes sustained damage and there were no injuries at the facility. EF0 damage consisted of small patches of trees that were blown down intermittently as it moved through wooded areas near the airport.

This probable tornado was identified and documented as part of the Northern Tornadoes Flyover Project Year 1 Pilot. The study was conducted by a research team from The University of Western Ontario, in partnership with scientists from Environment Canada. This was one of several previously unknown or undocumented tornadoes that were identified through the program over the course of the 2017 storm season.

Above: Areas of sporadic tree damage indicate the path of the Timmins tornado, as identified by the Northern Tornadoes Flyover Project research team
Above: An aerial image of forest blowdowns captured during research flights of the Northern Tornadoes Flyover Project