Stayner, ON (DONE)

Late-season tornado sweeps through Stayner, snaps & uproots trees, flips trailer

Above: The large, rain-wrapped stovepipe tornado as it moved through the community. Image courtesy Facebook and CTV News
Above: The large stovepipe tornado, heavily wrapped in rain, as it moved through the community. Image courtesy Facebook and CTV News

The October 17, 2017, EF0 tornado at Stayner, Ontario. This tornado was embedded in a line of late-season severe thunderstorms that swept through Grey, Bruce and Simcoe Counties. Prior to its touchdown, significant straight-line wind damage occurred in the town of Collingwood, where trees were snapped and several buildings suffered varying degrees of roof damage. At one auto shop, the entire roof was torn off of the building and deposited in the yard nearby. However it was not until the line was well southeast of there, approaching Stayner, that an area of rotation developed and the tail-end storm became tornadic.

The touchdown occurred at approximately 4:00pm and caused damage in and around the community where trees and power poles snapped and uprooted, and a camper trailer flipped upside down. As the tornado moved through the community, it was heavily wrapped in rain and very difficult to see. Nevertheless, it was caught on video by at least one resident as it moved through. That video showed a large rain-wrapped stovepipe tornado, fully condensed to the ground, churning with debris.