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Tornado in Ontario

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Tornado at New Liskeard

Area residents capture photos & videos as pretty white tornado passes near town

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Tornadoes In Ontario

July 15th, 1995, I woke up in a storm. My dad snatched me from my bed. The lightning was constant, illuminating the stream of rain and debris that whipped the cottage, the howl so deafening that you couldn’t hear a single tree snap, though hundreds came down.

This was the tornado of my youth, one of six that touched down in the region that night. But this was not Kansas, Oklahoma or any other twister-plagued state of the American Plains; it was Ontario. The province sees twelve tornadoes touch down in an average year. Most are weak, some are tragic, each has a story.

Storm Blog

September 12, 2016

Serengeti, Tanzania

This was not exactly a storm chase per se… but definitely an event worthy of an entry in the Storm Blog! Mike and I had arrived in the Serengeti the day prior and one of my first questions to our camp manager was are there some pretty good dust devils around here?; the answer had been occasionally, small ones. Read More arrow02

May 24, 2016

Dodge City KS

I will never forget this storm chase. On the morning of May 24, we woke up in Plainview, Texas, after catching an unbelievable series of after-dark tornadoes near Northfield the night before. I targeted the town of Meade, Kansas, just east of the dryline and near to where I expected a lingering outflow boundary to establish itself. 

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May 21, 2016

Pence KS

This was the first day of a multi-day setup and it kicked off our long weekend chase trip with a bang! I targeted Scott City, Kansas, and so Mike, Anne, Scott, Mackay and I set out from Oklahoma City to get into position. We arrived in the mid-afternoon and watched the entire lifecycle of storms as they developed from the cumulous field. Read More arrow02

Storm Chasing

Nothing is more incredible than witnessing a supercell explode skyward, or more humbling, more awe-inspiring than watching a tornado rush by.

But chasing is not for those without experience. It takes training, knowledge and composure to chase successfully and safely. A great way to gain experience storm chasing is to join a reputable company like Silver Lining Tours.


Travis Farncombe

Travis Farncombe

In no particular order, I am a designer, artist, athlete, photographer, certified storm spotter, tornado chaser, son, brother, uncle, friend and partner. In 2014 I completed my Master of Architecture from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and recently cofounded the design development studio, Another Design Experiment. From Ontario to Oklahoma, I have been chasing since 2010 and am a guide with Silver Lining Tours.

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The Kansas Project

Just west of Medicine Lodge, in the Gypsum Hills of South Central Kansas, we at ADE are working to fuse the weather of Tornado Alley with human sensory experience, through the design of a place that is equal parts laboratory, house, theatre, playground and shelter.

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