Chase 5-24-23 – Grady, NM down to Whiteface, TX

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What began as a pretty standard enhanced risk day, changed pretty quick on storm initiation. Maybe not for others, but for me it did.

It got real. Been a long time since I was that concerned when it came to family and friends with weather. Hundreds of chasers converged, and I quote one of them, on a “nowhere, plains town”. That town is one I consider as close to a hometown as I have. The damage was significant from wind and hail, but thankfully the tornadoes themselves missed. And it doesn’t sound like anyone was hurt, which is first and foremost. Also glad the Grady Seniors all got home from their Senior trip, as they were on their way back, and would have been driving right through Broadview, NM and the reported touchdown there. They slowed up a bit to say hi to me.

My pictures of the Grady storm won’t be as good as some others. They had better angles as I became more worried about people instead of being objective. No complaints.

Chaser convergence was a significant problem with traffic, so it also became a game of leaving an out to not get ran over by the storm… or someone’s truck.

But as I left New Mexico, and was able to get far enough ahead to turn around. Got some of the best lightning pictures I ever have. Also found a new way to edit them. Hope yall enjoy!

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