Radisson-Warman, SK Chase Day – June 23rd, 2024

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This day ended up producing MANY supercells across Saskatchewan, where up to 10 Tornado Warnings were issued throughout the day. We tracked a Tornado Warned Supercell From Radisson, SK to Fulda, SK, where two brief tornadoes, both rated EF0, were observed, as well as some funnel clouds, and large hail that impacted communities.

This day began with myself and my Dad waking up at 7am Sunday, June 23rd, 2024, and decided to head to Saskatchewan for what looked like a rather volatile day, where supercells were likely, along with the threat of tornadoes. We left Medicine Hat, AB and began to head north up Highway 41 towards Rosetown, SK, gradually looking at models as the day went on.

June 23rd, 2024 Thunderstorm Outlook VIA Environment and Climate Change Canada, showing a HIGH RISK of severe weather across much of Saskatchewan, as well as a moderate chance of severe weather in Alberta.

Once we arrived in Rosetown, we got gas and began to wait to see which target area would become the best as the day went on. Throughout the day, we noticed two potential target areas:
– West-Central Saskatchewan, where conditions were favorable for supercells and tornadic development, where the threat of potentially strong, long-tracked tornadoes existed.
– Southern Saskatchewan, where conditions were favorable for supercells with a very large hail threat, as well as a tornado threat.

While we were waiting for storms to develop, we met up with Storm Chaser and Journalist Jenny Hagan, as well as BC Storm Chaser Ryan Voutilainen, and Alberta Storm Chaser Trenton Pentelichuk, and began to discuss which target areas looked the best.

Jenny, Ryan, Trenton, and myself waiting in a COOP gas station parking lot waiting for storms to develop.
Rosetown, SK – 1:31PM CST

After hours of waiting, Ryan, Trenton, and myself decided to chase the west-central target area, while Jenny went to the southern target area. As we were driving north, we began to see cumulus clouds exploding, and quickly organizing into supercells! We then decided to cut into some back roads to catch up to these developing cells.

After cutting across many bad roads, we finally caught up to the storm NE of Maymont, Saskatchewan, where the storm officially went Tornado Warned. As We headed to Maymont along the Yellowhead Highway, we quickly pulled over to get some stunning photos of the supercell.

Tornado Warned Supercell NW of Radisson, SK
4:46PM CST

As we were driving along a range road to get right underneath the supercell, we witnessed a large bowl-shaped funnel began to descend to the ground. It was then confirmed the next day that this funnel, the first of four that we witnessed, was rated EF0 as it briefly touched down just NW of our location.

Brief Tornado observed near Radisson, SK, rated EF0
5:06PM CST

After a few minutes, the funnel dissipated. We then proceeded E along the range road, where we witness a second funnel began to take shape, and attempt to reach the ground.

Cellphone grab of Funnel #2, NE of Radisson, SK
5:13PM CST

Fortunately, this funnel did not touch down and quickly retreated back up into the sky. As we neared the community of Borden, SK, a third funnel, as well as the first confirmed tornado of the day, rated EF0, began to touchdown in an open field to the north of us.

Brief Tornado near Borden, SK, rated EF0
5:19PM CST

We quickly pulled over and captured video of the tornado as it slowly moved across the countryside, before dissipating a few mins later.
Amazing Funnel Cloud NE Of Borden, SK! – June 23rd, 2024 #skstorm #tornado #stormchasing (youtube.com)

We followed the supercell passed the town of Warman, SK, where it maintained its intensity, creating a STUNNING pancake-stacked supercell, where we all gawked in awe!

We then tracked E with the storm, crisscrossing multiple dirt road shortcuts to keep up with the storm, all the way to Fulda, SK, where we witnessed another brief tornado [unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any videos due to me filling my truck with fuel on the side of the road as I almost ran out of gas]. Shortly thereafter, we decided to call the chase, as the storm began losing its intensity.

Dying supercell NE of Humboldt, SK
8:33PM CST

After 1638km driven that day, the chase was a complete success, not only meeting up with fellow chasers and friends, we witnessed 2 brief tornadoes, which is a win for any chaser. After we called the chase, we shook hands, celebrated, and parted ways, and my Dad and I began making our long journey back to Medicine Hat.

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