Confirmed Tornado South of Grand Rapids, MI

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April 10th, 2021
Timeline of Severe Weather in West Michigan

4:30 PM.
I headed out to Grand Rapids driving towards warned storm.

4:51 PM.
Joel Fritsma (@Joel_Fritsma) sees possible rotation on radar and alerts storm chasers group chat.

“Trying to figure out whether or not we had a brief spinup south of Cutlerville, so I’m checking previous data right now. Small patch of power outages lines up almost perfectly with the strongest rotation” – Joel

Joel address? I’ll head over there – Brennan

Anywhere in the square mile of 100th, Kalamazoo Ave. 84th, and Division Ave – Joel

Joel creates possible path from velocity imagery
Joel renders a 3D slice of the storm

5:10 PM.
I arrived at location of possible tornado damage.

April 11th, 2021
Went back out to location with my drone to independent surveying of the area.

Roof Damage with possible track in blue
Independent Survey Thoughts/Conclusion
NWS thoughts on possible tornado


Joel Fritsma Twitter – Storm Chaser (Goon Chasers Group)

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