Tornado-warned storms near Stillwater, Oklahoma – April 23, 2022

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Storms developed along a weak dryline on the afternoon of April 23, 2022 just west of the I-35 corridor in Oklahoma.

My team and I checked boundary positions throughout the day and wanted to set up shop about 30 miles west of Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Marshall, Oklahoma 05:56 PM
Storms rapidly developing near Marshall, Oklahoma 05:56 PM

As the first storm moved rapidly off to the northeast, we dropped down to another severe storm near Crescent, Oklahoma.

The storm near Crescent, Oklahoma attempted to produce a tornado.

With rapid rotation and a brief funnel, the storm appeared to be lacking some low and mid-level shear to help produce a tornado. It came very close for a few second, but could not strengthen enough.

The storm quickly became High-Precipitation as it moved east toward Stillwater. We were unable to get a good view because of roads and the HP supercellular nature of the storm.

The storm produced some beautiful skies on the west side, as it moved off to the east. Taken near Mulhall, Oklahoma.

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