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On Friday, April 23rd, 2021, we chased a slight risk with 5% tornado risk issued by the Storm Prediction Center in NW Texas. We started out near Vernon Texas, went for a severe warned (low precipitation) LP supercell located near Crowell. Full video of our chase can be viewed on YouTube,

Here is a picture of that storm.

We then noticed a storm to our North that was previously located near Childress TX that had taken a right turn and now positioned NW of us. We decided to abandon the LP and shoot north to intercept the now tornado warned storm. As we were approaching the tornado warned storm, we saw a funnel from a very far distance. Other chasers who were closer confirmed it was a tornado, however, we could not see the ground circulation due to how far away we were. As we finally got closer, we then watched a new tornado develop from about a mile away while we were on top of a hill. There was actually twins at one point and then it formed into one decent sized tornado. Here is a couple images of those tornadoes.

We then repositioned and had a tornado develop right next to us.

We repositioned again and intercepted yet another tornado that dropped in front of us on a dirt road. This tornado was beautiful as it had a very vibrant rainbow as well.

Rest of our chase/details can be viewed on the YouTube video!

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