2021-06-08 Skunked – Part 1

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I started the day full of excitement and anticipation, even thought he models started to look less than perfect the night prior I was still hopeful that today was going to be a great day. WRONG! If you are expecting a storm chase log, this is probably about the time to stop reading, there is no chasing involved here!

I was heading to Weyburn Sask. as a target area and was planning on re evaluating upon arrival. The 605 grid road just north of Kisbey had other plans for me.

I crossed a grader ridge on the road and I dont know exactly what I did, but I know what the outcome was! The rear shock on the passenger side of my van broke and that extra stress caused the driver side shock to rupture. I dont know how many people have ever driven a vehicle in this condition, but it is not fun!

I managed to limp it to Weyburn pulling over to let traffic pass frequently and took it to the Dodge dealer.

The poor mechanic that got to/had to work on it. what should have been an hour long job ended up taking 5 hours to remove one shock. Unfortunately the upper mount did not survive the ordeal.

So instead of subjecting the poor tech to another day of work on the rainbow wagon I took mercy and got it home and will take it to my shop where I will pull out the torch and hopefully get some new parts on it!

Time for a plug – The staff at Knight Dodge of Weyburn are outstanding. Jordan Chuckry (Service Manager) not only got me in and tried to help out, he even offered the shop truck to me to take chasing until they could fix the van. (If the storms had not turned to a rainy mess I would have taken the offer!). If you ever find yourself in the Weyburn area and are in need of service or heck, even a new storm chase rig, I would recommend stopping in and seeing these folks!

Stay tuned for part 2….

Saskatchewan backroads - 1
Dodge Caravan - 0

Hopefully be back on the road in an hour!
Saskatchewan backroads – 1 Dodge Caravan – 0 Hopefully be back on the road in an hour!

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