Severe thunderstorms Fredericton and surrounding areas

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@ECCCWeatherNB #Nbstorm #NBwx Fredericton, NB 09:33 PM

Lightning starting in the area some how Fredericton thinks they are going to go ahead with fireworks at 10:30 not sure how wise that is. Fredericton, NB 10:01 PM @ECCCWeatherNB #Nbstorm #NBwx

Lots of thunder now rolling in lightning even closer lighting the sky all around. Fredericton, NB 10:11 PM @ECCCWeatherNB #Nbstorm #NBwx

Even more lightning heavy downpours and thunder. Fredericton, NB 10:33 PM @ECCCWeatherNB #Nbstorm #NBwx

The intense house shaking thunder has now begun. Fredericton, NB 10:58 PM @ECCCWeatherNB #Nbstorm #NBwx

Just had some Major thunder the entire house shook. Fredericton, NB 11:12 PM @ECCCWeatherNB #Nbstorm #NBwx

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